2022-2023 IB DEIA team

Meet the members of the IB DEIA committee



Stephanie Palmer is an Associate Professor in OBA. She has a PhD in theoretical physics, and works on questions at the interface of neuroscience and statistical physics. Her recent work explores the question of how the visual system processes incoming information, to make fast and accurate predictions about the future positions of moving objects in the environment. Starting during her undergraduate years at Michigan State University, Stephanie has been teaching chemistry, physics, math, and biology to a wide range of students. Here at the University of Chicago, she founded and runs the Brains! Program, which brings local middle school kids from the South Side of Chicago to her lab to learn hands-on neuroscience.


Emily Hillan is a second-year graduate student in the Shubin lab. She has been engaged in science outreach since 2016 and hopes to continue her work in encouraging accessibility to science at all stages of education and academic careers. Particular areas of focus in the coming years include education and implementation of inclusive teaching practices, and community building for graduate students.


awaiting new post-doc participation!


Laura Hunter is a third-year doctoral candidate in the Alemseged lab. After graduating from Columbia University in 2017, she spent time working with museum programs and non-profit organizations that fostered scientific interest and opportunities for youth from underserved communities and non-traditional backgrounds. She hopes to use her time on the DEIA committee to help build an environment where all students feel comfortable, and that their needs are met.